Wildlife Paradise

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Kenya offers incredible national parks, magnificent wildlife, unforgettable scenery and colorful tribal culture.  Watch for the ‘BIG FIVE’




Wildlife Paradise

This exclusive, custom-designed tour allows women to experience this breathtaking country in a secure and safe way. With its incredible national parks, magnificent wildlife viewing opportunities, unforgettable scenery and colorful tribal culture, Kenya has something to offer every visitor. Guests can enjoy a mixture of luxury tented accommodation and well-appointed lodges whilst experiencing Africa’s wildlife at its finest, from the rare black rhino to leopards, elephants, giraffe, hippo and a huge variety of bird life. The dramatic scenery and friendly welcome ensure this will truly be the trip of a lifetime.

Sightseeing and Special Events at a Glance 

In Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserve:
Watch animals gathering at the waterhole from your private bedroom veranda
Admire the harsh, dramatic and arid landscape for which this reserve is famous
Enjoy a game drive through the reserve in search of zebra, giraffe, elephants and a wide variety of bird life

In Aberdare National Park:
Stay at The Ark, which boasts four game viewing areas from which to observe the ever-present wildlife
Search for the Melanistic black leopard, buffalo, elephants, Colobus monkeys and bush pigs
See brightly colored parrots, francolin, the strutting secretary bird and green ibis

In Kigio Wildlife Conservancy:
See the wide-ranging habitats of this beautiful area, from riverine and euphorbia forests to short grass and shrub
Search for the endangered White Rhino, Rothschild Giraffe, hyena, leopard, and hippos.
Learn about the Conservancy, which is at the forefront of Eco-tourism in the Rift Valley lakes area, from a local guide

In Masai Mara National Reserve:
Enjoy game drives into the most famous Reserve, the stunning Masai Mara
See Gazelle, wildebeest, zebra, black-maned Mara lions and cheetah
Admire the ravishingly beautiful green-gold savannahs spotted with thorn trees – a photographer’s dream


Tour Highlights

  • Overnight at Sweetwaters Tented Camp and experience the pristine calm of a private wildlife conservancy

  • Enjoy some of the most colorful game viewing in the country in the rugged and remote Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserve

  • Admire the breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife of Aberdare National Park Learn about the rich biodiversity of the Kigio Wildlife Conservancy in the beautiful Rift Valley

  • Search for the rare black rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park

  • Visit the stunning Masai Mara National Reserve, home to a spectacular range of wildlife

Full Itinerary

Welcome to Kenya, one of the most fascinating countries in Africa. Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will be warmly greeted and transferred to your hotel, the Eka Hotel in Nairobi.

Eka Hotel Nairobi is situated 7km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, along Mombasa road with easy access to the city center. The hotel offers the best in contemporary comfort, convenience, and efficiency with personalized service. Once in your room, you are free to relax for the rest of the day.

Overnight in Nairobi  Eka Hotel

After breakfast we will drive to the world famous Mount Kenya – on a clear day you will see the magnificent mountain in its full splendor. The reserve is also home to the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya.

This morning you can visit the Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers before checking into your accommodation, Sweetwaters tented camp, in time for lunch.

A sheltered oasis, clustered around a waterhole and set in the pristine calm of a private wildlife conservancy, Sweetwaters Tented Camp is in a class of its own. Abounding with wildlife, unfettered by the more rigorous strictures of the Kenyan National Parks and designed to offer a charming blend of under canvas ambiance and uncompromising luxury, it has long been the preferred retreat of wilderness and safari lovers alike.

One of only four private game reserves in Kenya, Ol Pejeta Conservancy excels in the provision of privileged seclusion and private game viewing.

This afternoon enjoy a game drive in this stunning wilderness.

Overnight in Sweetwaters  Tented Camp

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast today we will drive to the Samburu National Reserve, where you will check-in to your accommodation for the next two nights, Samburu Sopa Lodge. Situated in the middle of parklands, Samburu Sopa Lodge is built atop raised ground allowing panoramic views of distant Samburu hills to one side and El Ndonyo Keri (Samburu name for Mt. Kenya) on the other. This is the only lodge with a waterhole in Samburu, which allows for animal viewing from bedroom verandas, especially during dry seasons.

There is also a swimming pool where guests can cool off in the warm Samburu weather, and loungers much needed after a long dusty safari. The landscape of Samburu is different to the rest of the country and boasts harsh, dramatic terrain. The people from this area, the Samburu, are similarly dramatic: dressed in bright red, with their braided hair and skin daubed with red ochre, the “moran”, the youthful warriors of the Samburu almost always spear-in-hand, are a wonderful sight.

The permanent water supply of the Uaso Nyiro River is what attracts the game to Samburu. Much of the reserve is arid, hilly landscape but riverine forest fringes the riverbanks and there are doum palms, the fruit of which is a great favorite with elephants.

Crocodiles lie quietly in the mud and it is here that you will find abundant bird life, including palm-eagles, storks, hornbills, bee-eaters and plenty of weaver birds. Some species in the area are specially adapted to the arid environment, and are particularly northern – the magnificent Oryx, for example, and the gerenuk, a rather odd looking long-necked gazelle which can stretch up to reach the lower branches of the thorn trees.

You will also find Grevy’s Zebra, larger than the more commonly seen Burch ell’s zebra, and reticulated giraffe, with their irregular, netted pattern of white. Desert Lion are found here, Leopards can be seen, and the ostrich (Ethiopian) have blue legs! Elephants wander, browsing in family groups. After lunch enjoy an afternoon game viewing drive in Samburu National Reserve.

Overnight in Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserve Samburu Sopa Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Enjoy a full day spent in the Samburu National Reserve with morning and afternoon game drives to see some of the magnificent scenery and wildlife of this incredible region.

Overnight in Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserve Samburu Sopa Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast, we will drive to the Aberdares region, a beautiful mountain range in the central highlands of Kenya.

On arrival in your lodge, you will check into your hotel, The Ark, and have lunch at the Aberdare Country Club. Resembling and named after Noah’s Ark, The Ark comprises of three decks from which numerous balconies and lounges provide a superb advantage for game viewing – there is a ground level hide where you’ll literally come face to face with animals. Comfortable en-suite cabins are fitted with buzzers to announce the arrival of one of the “Big Five” at the waterhole.

Probably the highest national park in the world, Aberdare is all above 7,000 feet. The habitat of the Aberdare Mountains ranges from forest and thick bamboo to open moorland. Breathtaking waterfalls, brightly colored birds, soaring raptors, a fascinating and diverse plant world and gorgeous scenery make this national park both lovely and intriguing.

Some of the indigenous wildlife in the Aberdares is equally as stunning as the scenery. Melanistic black leopard, serval and genet can be found here, but are both shy and rare. Large numbers of buffalo, a few rhino, elephants, Colobus monkeys, bush pig, and warthog may be found in the forests. Brightly colored parrots, francolin, the strutting secretary bird and green ibis are among the bird species found here. Sunbirds enjoy the open moors and raptors such as the rufous sparrowhawk, goshawk, buzzards and the crowned eagle scour the moors for prey.

The Aberdares even has a Hollywood connection. This is where the film “Gorillas in the Mist”, starring Sigourney Weaver, was made. Perhaps even more famously, it was to Treetops that the news of her father’s death, and her accession to the throne, was brought to the then Princess Elizabeth. After lunch, we will enjoy game viewing from the lodge precincts



Overnight in the Aberdare National Park Night Ark Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast, you will be collected for the day’s drive taking you past the Aberdares mountain range to the floor of the Great Rift Valley, destination Kigio Wildlife Sanctuary. Kigio Wildlife Conservancy, with its wide-ranging habitats, from riverine and euphorbia forests to short grass and shrub, holds approximately 3,500 animals (including the endangered White Rhino and Rothschild Giraffe, a 200 strong herd of buffalo, impala, Grants and Thomson’s gazelle, Eland, hyena, leopard, hippo) which are protected by an electric fence on three sides and the Malewa River on one side.

The Conservancy’s rich bio-diversity also supports over 200 species of birds and large bee-eater colonies and has been recognized internationally by Tusk Trust, Born Free Trust and several individual donors who have provided funds to fence and improve the infrastructure around the conservancy, help local communities and schools in the area and create direct and indirect employment from the area. The Conservancy is at the forefront of Ecotourism in the Rift Valley lakes area.

On arrival, you can check into your accommodation for the next two nights, Kigio Wildlife Camp, a superb all-suite camp surrounded by beautiful Yellow-fever tree woodland overlooking the Malewa River. The camp is constructed from sustainable pine wood, local earth from the conservancy, traditional thatch provided by the surrounding community and canvas panels – there has been minimal usage of cement and steel and the environment has been carefully preserved during its construction.

Power is provided by solar panels. Accommodation is in eleven spacious suites, each built on deck and containing a large bedroom and sitting area, a private bathroom with flush loo, shower, and balcony.

The dining area is situated in a glade overlooking a towering red cliff that houses colonies of bee-eaters. An attractive bar sits between two tall fever trees facing the cliff while dining decks are extended up to the river.

At night hippo and buffalo visit the camp to feed on ground salts and vegetation, in the morning zebra and giraffe wanders through as more than 250 types of birds sing away. Kigio Wildlife Camp not only offers some of the highest standards of accommodation in the Rift valley lakes area but also a rewarding experience.

After lunch at the camp enjoy an afternoon nature walk or visit a local community.

Overnight in the Kigio Wildlife Conservancy Kigio Wildlife Camp

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast at the camp, we will drive to Lake Nakuru National Park for a morning game drive.

Originally declared a national park because of a superbly diverse bird population, which includes many migrants, the park is also a favorite place for travelers to seek the rare black rhino. However, it is for the flamingos that the lake is best known, and it was for their protection that the park was originally created. The level of the blue-green alkaline waters here varies and this, with other accompanying environmental changes, causes considerable variation in the flamingo population, but when they are present, en masse, the whole lake turns a gorgeous rosy pink. Although protection of the flamingo population on the lake was the original rationale for the inception of the national park, further land was included in the early seventies and it is now about 190 square meters. This expansion, which took in a large grassland area, has allowed the park to protect further species. Buffalo, zebra, antelope and both lion and leopard are to be found. The rather less ubiquitous reedbuck and waterbuck are also here as is the glamorously leggy Rothschild giraffe.

After visiting Lake Nakuru National Park we will return to Kigio Wildlife Camp for a delicious lunch. In the afternoon you will either have a bird walk, visit a local community or you can do cycling in Kigio Wildlife Conservancy.


Overnight in the Kigio Wildlife Conservancy Kigio Wildlife Camp

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast today we will drive to the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Probably the most famous of the reserves, the Masai Mara boasts an astonishing amount of game. Unfenced, the Mara is bounded in the east by the Ngama Hills and in the west by the Oloololo or Siria Escarpment. Gazelle, wildebeest, and zebra graze in large numbers and where prey is found so are predators. Not only is this a great place in which to find game, but also the wide greeny-gold savannahs spotted with thorn trees make it ideal for photography.

The Mara, as it is known in Kenya, is ravishingly beautiful and also offers long, undisturbed views and utterly dramatic panoramas. The weather really means something here. The sun may beat down unforgivably, huge clouds in fabulous shapes may sweep across the widest of skies, and the wind ripples the grasses as though they are stroked by a giant hand. The landscape is stunning.

The famous black-maned Mara lions are possibly the stars of the Mara show, but cheetah, elephant, kongoni, topi, Thompson’s gazelle, waterbuck, hyena, and primates are all here too. As with the rest of Kenya, the birding is good. There is no settlement within the reserve, however; the Mara is in theory owned by the Maasai, pastoralists and, in earlier times, renowned lion-killers. Lodges and hotels offer the opportunity to buy their beadwork, checked cloths and copies of their spears. It is said that if lions scent approaching Maasai on the breeze they move swiftly in the opposite direction.

Famously, the Mara is the northerly end of the Great Migration, that great primeval surge of wildebeest, zebra, and antelope that sweeps in from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara as the Tanzanian grass starts to fail. They are tracked by the large predators who pick off the weak, the stragglers and the young. The great herds, nearing their destination by July amass along the Mara River, pushing, shoving and fantastically noisy, just waiting for the first animal to cross so that they can all follow, lemming-like, on the final leg of the journey. However, crocodiles lie in wait, sluggishly cruising the waters, fully prepared for their best meal of the year. Many fail in the life-and-death struggle – drowned, eaten by the crocodiles or, made careless or weak by their stressful swim, brought down by lions.

Your accommodation for the next two nights in Masai Mara Sopa Lodge, which is set in the Oloolaimutia Valley. Luxuriously appointed bedrooms, a refreshing swimming pool, a boutique, and gift shop, all ensure that your stay will be blissfully comfortable. Every room here has a private, elevated verandah with splendid views across the valley. Here guests can relax, sunbathe and watch resident birds and wildlife. After lunch at the lodge enjoy an afternoon game drive until sunset.

Overnight at the Masai Mara – Mara Sopa Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Enjoy a full day spent in the Masai Mara with morning and afternoon game drives.

Overnight at the Masai Mara. Mara Sopa Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast today you will be driven to Nairobi and transferred to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for your departure flight back home. Our company representative will reconfirm your flight and assist you at check-in.



  • Private Airport/Hotel Transfers
  • Private Sightseeing in a 7 Seater minibus


  • 1 Liter bottle of mineral water per person per day while on road safari
  • A safari Guide book covering the whole of East Africa, A safari pouch with a pen and a hat
  • Licensed, English-Speaking local driver/guides,


  • 09 nights accommodation will be provided on a twin sharing basis

Entrance Fees

  • All Park Entrance Fees as per the itinerary
  • All Game Drives as per the Itinerary



  • Travel Insurance is mandatory for all Brave Women Travel tours. Please forward a copy of your signed policy to our office.


  • International and domestic airfare and Visas, if necessary


  • Optional tours and activities


  • Tips and gratuities

This tour is operated by
Indus Travels

Departing: November 1, 2017

From: $3450 USD

Days: 10

Style: Land

Physical Rating: +2 Light

At A Glance

  • Overnight at Sweetwaters Tented Camp and experience the pristine calm of a private wildlife conservancy

  • Enjoy some of the most colorful game viewing in the country in the rugged and remote Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserve

  • Admire the breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife of Aberdare National Park Learn about the rich biodiversity of the Kigio Wildlife Conservancy in the beautiful Rift Valley

  • Search for the rare black rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park

  • Visit the stunning Masai Mara National Reserve, home to a spectacular range of wildlife

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