So you’ve only got a day/week/fortnight at your destination, and all the guide books have told you the same thing. You must go see this gallery! Your trip just isn’t complete without this boat ride! You can only really say you’ve arrived once you’ve been to this temple! It’s what everyone does, they assure you, and you shudder. There must be something else, some experience you can choose because you know you will like it, and not to check some kind of box. Well, you can – and here are a few suggestions on how to go about it.

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Preparing for Culture Shock in Asia

Vibrant, colorful, exotic, and bustling with activity, Asia makes for an exciting travel destination if you’re looking for something a little different to your typical vacation and you want to give yourself the opportunity to venture outside of your comfort zone.

The important thing about traveling to Asia is to go with an open mind and embrace the new experiences as an opportunity to learn about another culture. … Continue reading Preparing for Culture Shock in Asia

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Optimize Your Suitcase Space (Mathematically)

So much clothing, so little space. How can we pack as few items as possible, for as many outfits as possible? I have compiled a few different suggestions… and here’s where we get mathematical. (Brace yourselves.)

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Packing For Extreme Weather

Your general rule when packing might be to take a few pieces for different weather possibilities. A light rain jacket, a scarf, a pair of sandals. But what will you pack for extreme weather, like  heat and humidity that’s going to make you sweat through anything you put on? How can you plan outfits well when everything’s going to be covered with a raincoat? How will you get all of your sweaters into your backpack for that winter hiking break? Let’s look at how you can approach your packing for extreme weather.

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