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For every person, there are tours that they have always been fascinated by and places they are inspired to visit. Perhaps it’s the vibrancy and colorfulness of Kenya, or a desire to venture through a labyrinth of bazaars and market stalls in Istanbul; perhaps it’s a wish to push themselves physically and attempt a hike or a challenge that will force them to examine their personal limits.

Regardless of specifics, for many people, these dreams remain exactly that – as dreams, since they struggle to find someone (a friend, family member or a partner) Read More




Culinary adventures can be the best part of a trip. From the things you eat to the way you eat them, anything can be a new experience, and everything can be fun – unless it isn’t. Upon arrival, you find out that no-one in the country you’re visiting has ever heard of your dietary restriction. Your vegan lifestyle is challenged when you learn that every single local dish appears to have meat in it. The ingredients in this soup could be life threatening… if only you could read the label! Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with dietary restrictions while traveling.

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I have been waiting for something like this for years. What a brilliant idea! I can't wait for our first trip together.

Jenn Reid, Toronto Canada

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I have wanted to travel since I was young, but somehow life just gets in the way of following your dreams. But this year I vowed I would see the world. After I found BWT, what a feeling to know there are other women out there with the same mindset and interests. Thank you for being there for me!

Shelby Austin, Sydney Australia

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Just a quick email Susan to tell you how lovely it was to meet you and the rest of the girls last week - it's amazing how quickly you can feel like you really know someone. I believe in what you are doing and you have a BWT member for life here. See you again this summer for our next trip.

Rachel Hammersmith, Portland USA

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